Are you tired of finding clean bedding and blankets heaped on the floor? Especially when you just washed them? What if I told you that I found a solution that will not only eliminate that problem but will also simplify busy mornings and the daily argument of bed-making with your kids? I’m so excited to introduce you to my new favorite mama hack; zippered bedding!

Zippered bedding is one of those items that you never know you needed; until you try it! You will quickly realize just how much this single product will help to simplify your life as a busy mama. I don’t know about you, but I’ll try just about anything if it reduces arguments with my kiddos, gives me a few extra moments to myself, or helps to simplify our busy household mornings. Zippered bedding does just that!

What is zippered bedding?

Has anyone else seen the ads from Beddy’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest recently? I didn’t even know that zippered bedding was a thing until I saw one of their ads. Then the middle of quarantine in March, I bit the bate and clicked on their link. Thus opened the rabbit hole of Beddy’s advertisements everywhere 🙂

If you aren’t familiar, Beddy’s is one of the names behind a new type of bedding geared towards… well, everyone really. It consists of a fitted bottom sheet, a blanket, and a comforter. This one-piece bedding goes on easily like a fitted sheet making it perfect for kids or RV beds. Two zippers that attach the comforter to the bottom sheet, make bed making a breeze. All it takes is a simple zip and the bed is made!

Why zippered bedding?


Zippered bedding is a game-changer for anyone who spends time in a pop-up trailer, camper, or RV. The compact size of these types of beds can make it challenging to find bedding that fits properly and stays in place. With zippered bedding, you don’t have to worry about all of those issues. It fits snugly on the bed and stays put, so you can enjoy a comfortable and secure night’s sleep. And because it’s all one piece, it’s super easy to make the bed in just a few seconds. No more struggling to stuff a comforter into a duvet cover or fiddling with fitted sheets that never seem to fit right. Zippered bedding is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make bed-making quick and easy in a small space.

Simple and easy to use

What makes zippered bedding unique is that it is a single unit. By combining all of the traditional bedding components into a single unit, it streamlines the bed-making process and helps to keep everything in place. No more slipping and sliding, or waking up in the middle of the night to find your blankets bunched up at the foot of the bed. And because the fitted sheet is sewn in, you don’t have to worry about it coming loose or bunching up. The zippers on either side of the bedding also allow you to customize the warmth and comfort of your bed to suit your personal preferences. You can unzip the bedding to use just the fitted sheet and blanket on warmer nights, or zip it up and use the comforter for added warmth. It’s a versatile and convenient solution for any type of sleeper.


Experience the ultimate comfort with DIY zippered bedding. By making your own bedding, you have the opportunity to customize every aspect to fit your personal preferences. I’ve found that using minky fabric for the lining adds an extra layer of softness and warmth. And by including comfort panels over the zippers, you can enjoy even more comfort as you sleep. The combination of the minky lining and the outer quilt creates a cozy and comfortable comforter that will leave you feeling rested and refreshed each morning.

As you can imagine, I was instantly drawn to the concept of zippered bedding when I first came across Beddy’s. However, I couldn’t justify the price to purchase for all four of my kids.

A school bus conversion changed my mind:)

Then my husband pulled one of his moves and bought a school bus. Yes you read that right, he bought an old school bus and you can read all about that here 🙂

As soon as we dived into our school bus conversion and began planning, I quickly realized that with 4 kids’ bunk beds, regular bedding wasn’t going to work for us. All I could imagine were blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, and pillows overflowing from the bunks into an already tiny space. I realized that we needed bedding that was functional, warm, kid-friendly, and small-space friendly 🙂 That’s when I decided that I needed zippered bedding.

However, even after realizing that zippered bedding was the perfect option for our school bus conversion, I still wasn’t able to justify the high price tag. So I set out to try and sew my own. I found all the perfect fabric, knew all the colors, as well as the look I was going for. But I had absolutely no idea where to begin. By pure luck, I came across a pin on Pinterest on how to make your own zippered bedding. I had seen a few others, but they weren’t the look I was after. This pin looked exactly like the Beddy’s sets; only I could sew my own for a fraction of a price= mama win!

Making your own zippered bedding

I’m always looking for ways to make motherhood easier, and the zippered bedding tutorial from Twirlybird patterns really delivered. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow. In addition, the tutorial included helpful photographs and I was able to create beautiful zippered bedding sets for my RV-sized bunk mattresses and a full-size bed for our school bus conversion. My whole family, from my toddler to our pets, love these bedding sets and they’ve made a big difference in our daily routine. I’m so glad I found this tutorial and tried making my own zippered bedding.

As a blogger, I may earn a small commission for any purchases made through the affiliate links on this site. I want to make it clear that your support means a lot to me and helps keep this blog running. Please note that using these links will not add any extra cost to your purchase. I have included them for your convenience, and I appreciate your support in using them.

What you need:

If you want to avoid a store run and have all the items shipped straight to you, here is the complete list of what is needed to complete this project! Place the order and have your box full of goodies arrive at your door in just a few days!

I’ve created a shopping list on Amazon of everything I used for this project. Many items on this list I have from previous projects. While you can tackle this project without all of these items, you will thank me later if you invest in them before you begin 🙂

  • sewing instructions from Twirlybird patterns ( you can check out her Etsy page below)
  • fabric- you will need 4 different fabrics. Make sure to read the directions thoroughly to determine the correct yardage you will need
  1. top quilt and sides
  2. minky lining
  3. flannel lining
  4. sheet
  • thread to blend in with your quilt
  • seam ripper
  • extra needles
  • basting needle
  • extra bobbins
  • 1/4 inch braided elastic *
  • rotary cutter
  • metal yardstick
  • cutting mat
  • #5 zippers **
  • plastic clips
  • pins
  • chalk marker
  • bobbin winder
  • safety pin

* Make sure to use braided elastic. I tried the other kind and it couldn’t hold up to the stretch needed for this project and kept breaking*

** For zippers you can either purchase them to size, or you can buy in bulk and do your own. I had never made my own zippers before this project, but it was so simple to do and allowed me to get the exact look I wanted at a fraction of the price!**


Twirlybird Patterns did a great job of clearly laying out the instructions. But after sewing 5 of these zippered bedding sets, I discovered several tips that made it easier for me and figured I’d share in case they can help anyone else 🙂

Use this sewing pattern!– The best advice I could possibly pass on, is to purchase this sewing pattern from Twirlybird Patterns on Etsy. It is very reasonably priced, affordable, and worth every penny!

Read the instructions first!– Specifically, read the cut list before you buy any fabric. Even though I always tend to overbuy fabric, I made the mistake of purchasing fabric before reading the instructions. I was off by quite a bit from what I needed. She does a great job of giving specific cut sizes which makes it easy. However, that also means that you need to take the time to measure and plan your cuts in order to purchase enough of each fabric.

Don’t skip steps- Sounds fairly straightforward and simple. However, there were a few steps that I skipped on one bedding set. I hoped to save time by skipping ahead. Instead, that backfired. Those steps that you are tempted to skip, I can guarantee you that they are probably the most crucial ones 🙂 So stick to the directions.

Reread every step- With my level of sewing, it was important to read and re-read many steps before actually doing them. I would often double-check the photo to make sure I was on the right track. There is a decent amount of switching between which side of the fabric you are working with, the type of stitch, and which foot. I found it to be quicker to double-check than to tear out the stitching.

Measure twice, cut once- If you have done any sewing, then you most likely have heard this. This saying is always true when it comes to sewing. However, I found that when sewing larger projects like these bedding sets, you don’t have a ton of excess fabric. So avoid expensive mistakes with miscuts and measure everything twice.

Use the right tools- Have you ever paid attention to how the level of enjoyment and the experience itself improves when you utilize the proper tools for anything? Or how much better of a result did you end up with? Yes, you can get away with not having all of the supplies I listed. However, if you can, invest in them now. They will help you achieve a professional-looking product each time and save you a lot of frustration.

Buy extra bobbins and needles- I can’t tell you how many needles I broke sewing these bedding sets. It’s so frustrating to be in the midst of sewing and have a sewing needle break, and you don’t have more. Same with bobbins. You will go through a lot of thread while making this bedding. Have extra bobbins filled and ready. That way you will be able to switch them out quickly and maintain your sewing rhythm.

Have a bobbin winder- This is more of a personal preference. I like having a small bobbin winding machine separate from my actual sewing machine. This allows me to quickly wind bobbins and avoid re-threading my machine and needle.

Choose your fabric- My absolute favorite part of making my own zippered bedding is being able to customize it. There are endless possibilities; from the quilt to the sheets, all the way to the color of the zipper. Keep in mind that you don’t have to just buy your fabric from Joann’s. Look around your house for extra sheet sets, or blankets that you could use. Or look online for bulk fabric or pre-made quilts that you can cut.

Wash your fabric first- Again, if it’s something you are tempted to skip, all the more reason not to. Wash and dry all your fabric before you sew! Otherwise, it will look great once you finish. However, the same may not be said after the first wash.

Buy these clips!- I struggled through my first zippered bedding set before I hopped on Amazon and just bought them. These sewing clips will not replace regular pins which you will still need. However, these are perfect for quickly holding multiple layers of fabric together like this bedding. I tried regular pins first, and they just kept bending. These clips are inexpensive and so easy to use! So far, they have held up great and seem to be of good quality. I’ve stepped on them and they have held up even to my toddler “helping” me clip 🙂

I hope you have as much fun choosing out your zippered bedding look as I did! So many fun colors, patterns, and styles to choose from; for a one-of-a-kind look:)

Questions? Drop them in the comments below! Otherwise, make sure to subscribe to be the first to hear about new and fun projects 😉

Update on the zippered bedding pattern!

I’ve been getting more messages on this pattern than I have time to respond to 🙂 But hang tight! I spoke to the gal from A Handcrafted Journey that designed the pattern I used and unfortunately at this point, she is not going to release the new/second DIY zippered bedding pattern she designed.

While I completely understand where she is coming from and protecting herself, her family, and her business; I’m also so disappointed that this pattern isn’t available at this point for everyone.

I would suggest following her on Instagram as that’s where any/all updates regarding this bedding would be. My hope is that at some point she will decide to go for it and put it back on her Etsy page!

Fingers crossed this happens!!!



  1. Rachel Chamberlain Reply

    Which plastic clips did you buy? Did I miss seeing the link? Also, how much harder is it to make the zipper, vs. buying one that is ready?

    • Rachel Chamberlain

      Nevermind, I found them in the Twirlybird pattern. Thanks!

  2. I purchased this exact pattern several months so. It is so detailed and wonderful. But I’m stuck. It suggests using a serger and I don’t have one. I made my own beddy for our trailer bunk just by looking at a beddy from a friend, but I didn’t have a server for it either. It turned out okay for a first attempt with no pattern. Do you also suggest the serger? Any additional trips or helpful hints would be appreciated. 🥰

    • I was so disappointed, the pattern is no longer for sale 🙁

    • Morgan Araujo

      I know! The gal who designed this pattern did an incredible job! I’d suggest following her on IG and hopefully, at some point, she will decide to publish the newer version!

  3. Shalissa Jensen Reply

    Thank you for this fantastic tutorial and the link to the pattern! I am gathering materials to make a couple for my kids, and I was curious what kind of fabric you used for the outer fabric? It looked like a sort of luxe fleece from the pictures? Thank you!

  4. where did you buy the #5 molded plastic separating zippers (91” long) from?

  5. I’ve been looking at Beddy’s for our bunks too, but can’t get past the price tag. What would you say was the cost per bunk for this DIY bedding?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi Tricia! I was the same in regards to the Beddy’s price tag. So what I love about this tutorial, is that it gives thorough instructions and then you can choose any fabric you want. So in terms of price; it is completely dependent on what route you choose to go with sheets and fabric. For example; if you have large blankets at home you can re-use or find one you like at Costco, you will save money. The same goes for if you choose to buy at a local craft store and use coupons or if you have fabric on hand you can use!

      Here is a basic brake-down if you have to buy everything.
      Target sheets: $18
      Wayfair quilt set: $90 ( If you go with a simple outer fabric instead of a pre-made quilt you will save a lot of money!)
      Flannel: $10
      Fleece blanket: $ ~20 (The directions call for a fleece blanket which is less expensive. However, I did choose to buy Minky fabric instead)
      Zippers: $16.99 ( I bought these in bulk. So one of these did two of my bedding sets)
      Zipper top and bottom stoppers: $14.99 (I bought these in bulk and so the price covered all 5 of my beddings and left a lot for future projects)
      Elastic: $ 10
      Total: $162.99

      Again this price is completely dependent on where you source your fabric; or what you have on hand. I would say I choose to use expensive fabric and so the price above would be the highest if you had to buy everything and bought high.

    • Elizabeth

      Hello, they look so pretty. I was very excited about getting the pattern, but it seems it is no longer available. Is there any other pattern I. An use to make these? Thank you so much for your wonderful articles.

  6. Susanne Frische Reply

    Hi. I actually bought 2 Beddy’s sets. I do sew but I didn’t think I could be bothered with the time as my life is crazy. But I find the fabric patterns in the Beddy’s range very limiting. And when you sew your own curtains and stuff for years that is frustrating. So I took a look at it and figured a plan to make them myself. Ordered a duvet, a plain white quilt duvet filler on clearance at Target, and target sheets, a couple 96″ zippers on Amazon and was going to be on my way. While waiting for all of this to arrive I decided to check out the internet. Found your article and the link to the pattern. I thought I had it worked out and could do it , but for the $15 bucks it was worth getting in this sewing circle with you and the pattern creator and share your ideas. It is much appreciated. I bought my Beddy’s with the top sheet and really prefer that to the minky. So I will do the cotton sheeting to line the comforter and for the side overhangs as that is thin it’s the reason I actually bought a quilt for the top. I figured with the plain comforter I will cut it to the side I need, serge the sides and then have the larger duvet (got a pretty one inexpensively on zulily), so I could cut the zipper strips and have that all match. The plain white duvet filler comforter has channel quilting so I was going to work upside down and just go over those to attach the cut up duvet to the much heavier quilt lining. I thought that would work. I wasn’t sure about the sides as I was just going to use the comforter to line the duvet fabric which seems to be the way the Beddy’s people do it, but that might be too bulky and a pest. Perhaps I’ll switch to thick flannel or something instead as you suggest. That might be easer. I can’t thank you enough for the article and the encouragement. I am really excited to try. As my younger daughter and I love our Beddys and I really want one for my other daughter (just didn’t like the selection), and then we have 4 bunks and a short queen in the camper that would do well with these! And they seem like perfection for college dorm beds! They might actually get made, and I have my daughter and niece going off next fall. (Hopefully given the pandemic mess!) I usually sew skating dresses, but no competitions due to covid so this will be a good alternative. So excited to find your article. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi! I will agree with you on the time thing 🙂 Life is crazy; especially with kids. And so the idea of taking on a big project is a little daunting. But I’m with you on the fabric patterns. I love the idea of being able to get the exact look that I’m wanting and not having to compromise! So for me, this was the best alternative. Great idea for the second sheet on top instead of the minkey…I actually contemplated that as well. You’ll have to let me know what you think!!!! Sounds like you have some great uses for them as well! Would love to see how they turn out if you are willing to share! I actually made 5 for our school bus conversion (rv bed size) which is why I went with the minkey instead of the second sheet. However, I am so happy with how they turned out, that I want to make them for my kids beds at home as well! Go for it!!! The most time consuming is the measuring and cutting. But I found that if I was “batch” making these, they actually went quicker! Have fun!!!

    • Hello! I found your blog while looking for options of making my own zippered bedding and loved it! However, I went to TwirlyBird patterns to purchase the pattern and she has had to take it down so it’s no longer available. I just wanted to share that with you for your other interested readers. I will still be on the hunt!

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

  7. Hello, just wondering the pattern is for a twin sized bed, does it tell you how to make the pattern smaller or larger for different sized beds?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi Jenna! So the initial pattern includes sizes for a variety of beds! ANd the gal is awesome to work with! I was using an RV sided mattress so I emailed her. She got back to me right away and gave me custom measurements for my sized mattress!!!! 100% worth it!

  8. Keri Stewart Reply

    Does this pattern use an existing fitted sheet for the bottom?

    • Morgan Araujo

      No it doesn’t. With this pattern, you have a sheet as the top part of the bedding, but the sides are a combination of the same fabric as your top quilt and a flannel lining.

  9. Christina Curry Reply

    Hi! Thank you for the helpful tips and price breakdown. What was the time investment here? I’m looking at 4 for our camper and 2 for bunk beds in our house 😬 so would love to be able to see if this is feasible time wise. Thank you!

    • Can you send links to the clips and zippers? The pattern isn’t available 😩

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP! The clips and zippers are listed in the blog post!

  10. Hi there! Was looking at buying some Beddys, but a bit hesitant due to the pricing so decided to look for tutorials and found your post. Can you tell me how much time went into making your first one?

  11. Elizabeth Ruhwedel Reply

    Can you tell me where you got the fabric for the outside of the bedding? It would be perfect for my son and I’m in love with the look and texture of the fabric you chose.

  12. Hey there! I would love to see pictures of all the 5 different ones that you said you have made. There are peeks here in this blog post but was curious if you could share full pictures of them? Wanting to get a look at all the different patterns and colors you chose and how they work together because I love your style!

  13. Looks so nice! I really want to try these for our RV bunk! Where did you get the loop zipper pulls? I didn’t see a link to those in the Amazon Shopping List.

  14. I’m going to make my own zippered bedding and appreciate the tips you provided. But buy what clips? I imagine holding all those layers of fabric together will be difficult and look forward to seeing a photo of your clips or a link to one.

  15. Anne Meeker Watson Reply

    Can you provide a link to purchase the long zippers? I can’t seem to find those online! So excited to give this a try. I want my own fun fabric selections! Thanks for your help. 🙂

  16. Hey Morgan, what kind of fabric did you use for your outer fabric? I’m loving that velvety look but I can’t seem to track it down.

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi! So I actually bought a quilt online and used that! I believe it was from Wayfair!

  17. It seems to me that the only way the top would stay on is if at least the foot stayed zipped. But that seems like it would be too tight across the feet of an adult sized body. Any ideas how to address that problem?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi! So we have used the zippered bedding for over 7 months and neither my husband or I felt that! It does unzip 99% of the way so you could have your feet out if you wanted. but even just unzipping most the way, it works amazing!

  18. Hi! Thanks so much for this post. I’m a novice sewer, but took the plunge anyway to buy the pattern from the Etsy shop. I’ve picked out all my fabric and just have to get up the nerve to start “chopping everything up”. I didn’t buy anything “premade or in a set.” I didn’t have any sheets on hand to use, so my whole supply came from Joannes. For the outer cover, I bought quilt type fabric that already had the “diamond shapes” in it. Since you bought a quilt set that already had something similar, did you “skip” the step of top stitching the diamonds onto the outer cover? That only makes sense (I think) but in her directions, it sounds like stitching those diamonds on top is also what attaches the minky type fabric underneath it. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it sounds like the stitching of the diamonds happens WITH the minky material pinned to the inside of the outer cover, if that makes sense. What did you do at this point?

    Also, I have and understand where the flat sheet, minky material, and outer cover goes, but I’m not understanding where the flannel pieces will go? Can you try to help me understand that part.

    Lastly, in your post you say “get these clips”, but there’s no link to those clips. They sound amazing, and I’m looking to get some for this project. Would you mind posting a link, or letting me know if I overlooked it?
    Thanks so much!

  19. I was so excited to find your blog post about this! We are buying bunk beds, and would love to make twin sized bedding for them. Unfortunately, I just went to the Twirlybird Patterns etsy shop and she just announced last week she had to pull her pattern for these zippered beds because they go against current patents. So sad! I was excited to make my own and avoid forking out a fortune for the ones available to buy online. Any other recommendations on how to get this or a similar pattern for a twin zippered bed?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

  20. So bummed the pattern is no longer available. Any ideas where else to look for instructions?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

  21. Lauren Ayers Reply

    So sad that the pattern isn’t available anymore. Any tips of the fabric amounts for a twin?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

    • Claire Turner

      Sadly, as of today 15 February 2024 the pattern is still unavailable. if anyone knows where to get it please share the info!
      Thank you.

  22. Hi Morgan! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so sad because this pattern was actually taken down do to patten issues. I’m kind of frustrated because the brand who makes them doesn’t actually have a size that will fit an RV mattress well. I really want to make this but can’t find a good pattern or details. Is there anyway you could share a dew more details about how it’s made? How is the flannel fabric used? Does the zipper go all the way around or is there two zippers? How far around the mattress does the fabric wrap? I REALLY want to purchase this pattern and I’m just so sad I can’t. Thank you for any help you can offer!

    • I am so sad I cannot find a pattern as well! I have searched all over the internet and Etsy 🙁
      If you ever decide to rewrite or share more details on how to create these, that would be amazing!

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

  23. Hello!

    Would you happen to know if the pattern is available elsewhere? I went to her Etsy shop and the digital download is sold out.

    Thank you!

    • Morgan Araujo

      It’s not available elsewhere….but Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

  24. Is anyone willing to share their pattern? I’d love to try it out but I know it’s no longer available.

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hang tight! I just spoke to the gal who designed the pattern I bought! She had to change something in the design in order to not go against Beddy’s patent. A new pattern should be out this month! She will let me know as soon as its ready! So make sure to subscribe to the blog and I’ll link the new pattern ASAP!

    • Morgan Araujo

      Not yet:( Follow her on IG! That’s where her updates have been and in the meantime, she has the best DIY stuff there!

  25. Starr McLain Reply

    Has the new PDF come out yet? I am sooo ready to make these for my boys!

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi! No it hasn’t :(:(:( I’m telling everyone who asks to follow her on IG! If/when she decides to publish it, that’s where she will announce!

  26. Chelsea Burr Reply

    Any news on a new pattern for the zippered bedding? I e been on the hunt and waiting for her to come out with the new one!

    • Morgan Araujo

      From what I heard, the second pattern was done, but she was hesitant to publish it. I would suggest following her on IG as when/if she decides to publish it, that’s where she will do it!!!!

  27. Ashley Hux Reply

    From my understanding on the Etsy store site they are not coming out with a new pattern. It use to say that they were working on a new pattern now it just says sorry I can no longer sell it 😞 I really wanted this pattern since I have all the stuff to make it.

    • Morgan Araujo

      Ah I’m right there with you! She did design the second pattern, but decided against publishing it for fear of another issue with Beddy’s. Id suggest following her on IG in case she does decide to publish it. If you do have all the materials and are fairly comfortable with sewing I bet you could still do it. Look closely at the photos on my blog post and if you can follow the general order, you can probably figure it out!
      Think of it as sewing the bottom “fitted sheet” and then sewing a top blanket onto that. The “fitted” part of the bottom fitted sheet and the top blanket are the same material and are connected with a zipper. Then the “top” of the fitted sheet is your actual sheet.
      Hope that helps a little!

  28. Hi,
    I’d love to make this. Do you have any idea of when the updated pattern will become available? I tried messaging the original maker but never got a response. Thanks.

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi Kate! Ahhhh, I wish I knew. I recently reached out to the gal that designed the pattern which I followed. Fortunately, she came out with a new DIY Beddy’s pattern which doesn’t infringe on the patent. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel comfortable publishing it for fear of another issue with Beddy’s… I am working to see if there is something I can do. But in the meantime, I’d suggest following her on IG in case she decides to publish it!

  29. Elyssa Kluball Reply

    5 months ago in the comments the pattern was supposed to be available. I’m assuming it will not be made available going forward since it’s still not online?

    • Morgan Araujo

      Hi! Yes, the gal who designed this pattern, designed a newer version of her original pattern but that wouldn’t infringe on the patent from the original Beddy’s. Unfortunately, she has since decided to not publish that new pattern at the moment. She doesn’t want to risk any issues with Beddy’s again which I completely understand. I’m trying to figure out if there is any solution to help people be able to make these incredible DIY Beddy’s when I didn’t create the pattern 🙁

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