Yay you! You’ve done the hardest part which is going through everything and consolidating. Left should be a pile of ‘joy’ items. So what exactly do you do with those items to achieve the goal of this method? Keep reading to find out what to do next in order to learn how to simplify and organize your home through only keeping items that speak to the heart.

So what’s next? If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what do next short of shoving it back in the closet; and trying to forget what you just tackled; then keep reading and I’ll give you some ideas on where to go from here to make sure it stays tidy and organized.

Folding your clothes

I love how easy it is to find clothing using her folding method.

If you hadn’t realized by now, this method has thought of it all. There is a suggestion for just about everything; including how to fold your clothes:)

I’m good at washing clothes, which is a never ending task in a family with 6 people and 5 animals. Getting them folded and put away? Yeah, that’s a joke in my house. Just ask my husband 😉

I wish our mornings didn’t begin with me telling the kids to go choose their clothes from the mountain waiting to be folded. I mean, we built the most awesome farmhouse folding table. So I don’t even have an excuse on why I don’t fold them.

Her method of folding is all about creating rectangles and compact “tents” that are able to stand freely on their own. If you are rolling your eyes at the idea of folding like this and wondering where you would find the extra time….trust me. Its worth it. This is coming from someone who doesn’t even fold my girls clothes because they tear apart a drawer in seconds looking for that certain shirt. So the idea of spending extra time folding, to watch my kids dismantle in seconds, would bring out the crazy mama.

It takes time

In interest of full disclosure, I haven’t gotten to doing this method with their clothes. I have however tackled baby’s clothes, mine and hubby’s….I have to say I am in love. There is something about pulling open a drawer, easily seeing what is there and finding what you need. It’s relaxing. No more scrambling to find what I need as I’m trying to run out the door, late as always 😉 Plus it is quicker to do than I initially expected, and it has made keeping drawers organized so easy!

I plan on using her advice and tackling the girls room…but with their help. Instead of me doing it for them, I am going to sit down and teach them this folding method. Will it be perfect, oh goodness no. But they will learn.

Hopefully after spending the time folding themselves they will be more conscious of keeping it neat. With how easy it is to see drawer contents, hopefully the motivation to dump clothes onto every surface of their room will be eliminated:)

Keep like items together by size in drawers

Only scarves.

Now that you have a pile ready to be organized and put back, start by grouping items of similar size. For example in your closet, separate all your socks, belts, scarves, ties etc into separate piles. In the kitchen and office, take all your items and group them by size and function. Then use smaller boxes on the insides of the drawers to help divide these different size groups of items. This will help you create a home for your items and know where to find it, as well as where to return it. Plus it will look nice and neat every time you open it:)

Vertical storage is your friend

Instead of trying to fit items such as a large whisk in a drawer, go with vertical storage! It looks great and its practical.

Instead of trying to squeeze everything into a drawer, which results in overfull drawers; think vertical! Items such as large kitchen utensils stored in containers on the counter make them easy to see and access, and also look great!

Store frequently used items in easy-to-reach places

At eye height should be often used items like glasses. Less frequent such as wine glasses, should be higher up.

This might go without saying. But if you use an item often, as you being putting items away after de-cluttering; make sure you arrange them in a practical way. If they will be used frequently, they should be stored at eye level and simple to grab. Items used less frequently can occupy those harder to reach spots. This will eliminate daily frustration and create an easy-to-use space.

Garbage bags are a No No

As easy as it can be to grab a large garbage bag and quickly fill to put aside in the garage for later; refrain from it. Not only does this create more work in the long run, but placing items in a garbage bag makes it harder to see and appreciate what you have. Instead, opt for clear plastic bins that will help you organize items while allowing you to easily see contents.

Everything needs a home

This drawer is designated for workout clothes.

Designate a spot for every item in your home. As simple as when you walk in the door, your coat is hung on a certain rack daily. As well as your shoes in a specific spot and your purse in its home. If you do this will everything in your home, it will make it easy to find and put items away. It also will go a long ways towards keeping your home tidy and organized.

Store items visibly

Clear bins make it easy to find.

If you can see it, you can find it. Any time you are organizing items on shelves, try and use clear bins. This will help to find items quickly. Also will help you know what you have so you don’t double purchase thinking you are out. Anyone ever come home from groceries, especially Costco, with a huge quantity of something, just to find you already had some? Stuffed way back in that corner or under something waiting for you? Avoid that with clear storage.


My takeaway from the KonMari method is not so much about doing it exactly her way. I believe she is striving to help others to realize that its not so much about the possessions. It is more about how tidying using this method can change the way possessions are viewed. This in return can change the way the rest of your life is viewed. The goal is focusing on items that make your heart happy and reducing the clutter by saying good-bye to items that no longer accomplish that.

My advice, follow and adapt it to you. If rows of shoes make you happy, then keep them all! Place them in an organized way in which they are easy to access and put away for example. But maybe that basket full of magazine subscriptions sitting in your bathroom could be addressed? Pick and choose what you think could be improved. Realize that if you are surrounded by items that truly bring you joy, your home will be a place that brings you just that; joy.

What is your thought on her suggestions? Any tips you have found made an enormous difference either one way or the other? Would love to hear your feedback as I am just diving into this method as I’m sure are many others 🙂


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